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Project 602 - Signs
Project 602
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Crispy Little Mermaid
Posted - Jul 15th, 2013 10:51pm
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Found this on the menu at the local Thai place by where I work.  Makes me laugh every time I go there.

Apparently even Ariel can't escape a gil-net.
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I was wrong about the $40?
Posted - Jun 8th, 2009 3:04pm
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Saw this sign on the way to work this morning.  It said nothing more than "I WAS WRONG ABOUT THE $40.00" Consensus seems to be that its an apology, but I don't see an [I'm sorry] on there anywhere.  I especially like that they put the 00 cents on there - very thorough.

I think unless further information surfaces that I will simply chalk it up to encoded communications between urban operatives.
I dig public displays of confusion.
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Pointing Out The Pointless
Posted - Aug 14th, 2007 12:44pm
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I dig this sign at the local post office by my house.  Its all by itself at the end of an open field just south of the main building.  Its as if someone put it there to prove that irony exists in the world.

Its supposed to warn you about the the massive metal storm drain cover or rather the bottomless pit it covers up.  Feeling the need to flex my free will, I tried to move the cover but it wouldn't budge and nothing short of a winch was going to lift that thing.  Irony aside, this type of sign is what I would scientifically categorize as Stupid.  Its primary function is apparently to draw attention to something that if not publicized wouldn't pose any danger. Brilliant!

Which brings me to one of the harder lessons I've learned in life.  Under no circumstances, no matter what hope you have been given, or what lies you have been told, should you ever underestimate the idiocy of the Post Office.

The sign in all its glory. Kid proof, adult proof, maybe even steroid proof?
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Signs Of The Time
Posted - Aug 13th, 2007 11:42am
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A few years back I started to become interested in signs.  Maybe its making magic out of the mundane that draws me to them or maybe its just the fact that they are everywhere and we usually fail to notice how weird many of them are.  At the very least I hope you will get a laugh or two out of the signs I'll try to post here from now on.

First up - a sign that sits in the parking lot behind where I work.  I see this every day and it fascinates me.  Why someone would put a ped-xing sign in the middle of a parking lot bolted to either side of a speed-bump is simply beyond me but it makes me laugh every time I see it.

In case your thinking that might be a path on the left side forget it - its a drain and there's a steep ditch with slippery gravel between this parking lot and the other.  As for the right side of the bump its the backside of our building.  The signs have been there a long time and the bolts are starting to come out but hopefully this monument to misguided safety will remain for years to come.
A wide view of the area. Drinking on the job is bad mmkaay.
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