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Project 602 - Lake Powell Spring 2014
Project 602
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Lake Powell Spring 2014
Posted - Jun 28th, 2014 1:35am
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I really love Lake Powell.  Just when I think I've seen all it has to offer, I have another great trip, and another new experience.

My dad and I have been fishing mostly 'down' lake by the marina/town for the last few years.  I'm not really sure why other than its easy.  Well that and we can stay at the local motel and get a hot shower every day.  This time though, we opted to fish for a full 3 days and stay on the lake for a few nights.

Lake Powell is big - maybe not great lakes big - but its big enough that you can boat in 1 direction flat out for 4 hours and not even get close to the other end.  Staying on the lake and bringing extra gas is basically required if you want to get anywhere near Dangling Rope marina (sort of a half way point in my mind).  So we packed on a couple 5 gallon cans, our sleeping bags, a few bags of Fritos, and set out.

We got an early start on thursday and headed up lake towards Friendship Cove.  The lake was down a bit so the 'cut' - the man made channel that lets you save about an hour or two getting to Padre bay - was just a little too shallow to get through.  So we took the long route.  Along the way, we tried fishing at the Cookie Jar, a place or two in Gunsight Bay, and some random points in the channel.  Nothing but deep blue water and worn out casting arms.  Things were much better in Friendship Cove though.

The water was a little green, warmer (@68 degrees), and it didn't take long to find some pretty decent stripers.  We tried a few different locations, but caught most of our fish anchored in about 35 feet of water - fishing at about 20 feet with everything from anchovies to worms.  The bigger fish(4-6lbs) were occasional pickups, but it was pretty easy to tell when a school would swim by.  We'd pick up 1 to 3 fish in rapid succession, then nothing for a half hour, then it would happen again.  It made for some pretty entertaining fishing.  At one point my dad had a striper wrapped around the anchor line, while I had one on in each hand.  I was trying to reel one in with my teeth when he finally got unstuck and grabbed one.

Sleeping was great.  The air was a little cold, but the sky was clear, and the stars were beautiful.  I crashed out each night watching the milky way and listening to my audio book - pretty much the best thing ever.

We didn't bring back any trophies, but we did manage to boat some small and large mouth, a bunch of stripers, a few catfish, and even one walleye which my father pulled out of navajo on our way back.  I also had some time to try out my GoPro as an underwater video camera.  Will post on that later.  For now, check out the pics below and I'll try to upload a video of our trip back through the cut.  Couldn't have been more than 18 inches deep - my dad is nuts.  He's also a great fishing buddy.
 I took this pic as we headed up lake the first day.  Considering this was the main channel around 9am the lake was smooooooth. Its terrifying how deep that lake is - the depth finder reads 1115 feet.  Do not drop your keys. Where we hung out in Friendship Cove the first day.  My old man with a pretty decent striper and a pretty silly hat.  Me with a slightly smaller striper but an absolutely fabulous hat!  We tried fishing these dead trees for crappie but couldn't find a single one. We returned to our original spot, kicked back, and enjoyed the warm sun and cool breeze. My dad - the fishing dwarf.  Sunrise on the last day - such an amazing place.
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