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Project 602 - Halloween 2013
Project 602
(Food, fun, and the bizzare in Arizona)
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Halloween 2013
Posted - Nov 2nd, 2013 6:26pm
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The biggest problem I have after this years Halloween party is what to do next year.  There's a point at which you've far exceeded anyone's expectations, and you just gotta drop the mic and walk off stage.  I fear it may be my time...

I mostly blame my friends Eric and Hunter.  Without their special brand of mad science it would have just been a great party.  Sure there was a liquid nitrogen ice cream stand and a shopping cart full of four peaks beer.  Yes... there was a psychic in the office and there might have even been a contest that ended with a gallon of wine and a wine glass to match.

But it was the Tesla coil... the damn Tesla coil that really did me in.

In case you haven't had the privilege of seeing one of these things in action, they are creepy little devices that shoot out bolts of electricity.  They are kinda loud, and they are a little dangerous if not grounded correctly.  They are usually about a foot tall and make a neat little science project.  The thing Hunter and Eric brought over was just like that only 10 feet tall and full of hate.

It ate every ounce of electricity my house could supply over a 220 line.  It could shoot lightning from my garage door to the cars parked on the street, and for something with no moving parts it was absolutely deafening.  Its one major redemption there being that the noise could be modulated in time to music - making sort of a mad scientists pipe organ.  It was freakin awesome.

The party guests tried it, the neighbors tried it, even the police stopped by and politely asked us what kind of sciencing this was.  It was the whipped cream and meth on top of the sunday and I couldn't have been more grateful or terrified if they had brought a jaguar... hmmm maybe next yea...anyway.. Its going to be hard to top.

Fortunately I now have an awesome beer sign and a fabulous zoot suit as a result of this years fiesta.  Huge props to Julie for having the imagination and the balls to dress up as a human thong and to Tara for making sure the Psychic thing happened.  Best idea ever!

If anyone has any ideas for what to do next year add a comment.  Personally, I'm hoping for some sort of anti-gravity development between then and now.
We began this years party with traditional Halloween fare... well I assume vampire donuts are traditional somewhere? Julie brought deviled eggs that put my effort last year to shame I was super happy with some new decor (including the shopping cart beer cooler and sign to help the inebriated) The giant (don't run into me) sign was put on the glass door (which failed to deter folks btw) and the party was off! It was another year of amazing costumes.  We had doctors and pirates Cow-folk and some dapper folks in their finest 40's gear Sheldon showed up as did kick ass (he dislikes the press) and then there was um.... mccoy... yeah... This domo costume won 2nd place that night. Julie took home first though for having the most original and most brave costume ever. Getting together with good friends is really what the night is all about. This year we found a psychic to entertain. She was super nice and yes... freakishly accurate. Eric with his coil.  Thats the look of a man who enjoys terrifying others... The monstrosity was controlled from the garage.  The dials made it go from scary to terrifying. Curious folks my friends are....  Very curious and very brave... Speaking of curious - McCoy rocking the coil. After we drained all the electricity from the house - the drinks started getting weird. There may or may not have been some gnome abduction. And we all basically passed out
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