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Project 602 - Fourth Of July Fireworks!
Project 602
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Fourth Of July Fireworks!
Posted - Jul 8th, 2013 10:01pm
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To whatever deity, pyromaniac philanthropist, or cosmic mishap that was responsible for making fireworks legal in Gilbert a few years ago - I am forever in your debt.

No longer do I have to drive around aimlessly seeking an acceptable dirt lot to gaze at fireworks from the air-conditioned biosphere that is my car in July.  Instead, I can make my own seat - up front and center at a show of my own creation, and I can enjoy that show with my neighbors, my friends, and any number of crazy rednecks that randomly show up with a beer in one hand and a roman candle in the other.

Had so much fun this year - both making a bunch of new displays(thank you and setting them off in front of an appreciative crowd just down the street in a community cul-de-sac.  If it weren't for the likelihood of sacrificing one or more digits to the firework gods I'd say this would be fun to do for a living.

Thanks to everyone who came down for the show and huge thanks to my wife for not minding that I spent an inappropriate portion of our income on things with fuses attached.
A shot of some of these displays setup in the garage A closer shot of the noisemaker A simple mortar board Sadly - I didnt even get to set these off :( This was outside my neigbors house int he morning - its like someone got drunk on fireworks and then threw up.
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