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Project 602 - About The Project
Project 602
(Its not like 3d but it has that affect)
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Project 602 is something I created in an attempt to give back a little to the online community that has provided me with my career, knowledge of the world at large, and the ability to keep in touch with my friends and family who are spread all over the place.

I'm a web developer by trade and have been so for the over a decade. I'm a big fan and an abuser of open source code (though I think most of it is dreck) and will try to share whatever I have created that is not owned by any number of corporate juggernauts that have paid my way thus far.

Its also my hope that I can keep a rather constant flow of local information on cool places, resturants, etc for Phoenix and more specifically the East Valley area where I reside.

Thats really all there is too it. I hope you'll browse around and find something you like or that makes you laugh. Maybe you can even learn from a few of my mistakes should I have the courage to post them.

Good Luck Out There,


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